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My Pictures

Pictures of family and friends

At the Houston Astrodome for Sammy Sosa's 66th Home Run of the season!

Leigh Anne and myself on New Year's Eve 1998 on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Posing on Bourbon Street

All of my crazy friends from North Alabama and Tennessee on Bourbon Street

Marv Leevy, the recently retired head coach of the Buffalo Bills and myself catching a practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile

Leigh Anne's new Honda Accord EX V-6 Coupe

Another view of the car

The "Mud Mets" Oozeball team from 1997!

Me, Mu, Steven and Nick at a Saints game

Steven and myself in Nashville at a Shell gas station in I-65 (Thanks Nathan for laying down on your back for the pic!!!)

Me, Mu and Mike Shannahan the head coach of the Super Bowl Champions Denver Broncos

The "Dirt Dobbers"...hey we actually won a game this year!

Another picture of us after the day was over
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