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Wedding Pictures

August 23, 1997

Clint (her dad), Leigh Anne, Martha (her mother) and Michael (her brother)

Leigh Anne and her brother Michael

Michael, Revell (her stepfather), Martha and Leigh Anne

Gene (my grandfather), me, Brad (my brother), Josie (my mom), and Andree (my grandmother)

Elizabeth (Tiny) (my grandmother), me, Leigh Anne, Andree and Gene

Brad and myself

Steve (my dad), me, Brad, and Josie

Clint, Chad (her stepbrother), Leigh Anne, John Paul (her stepbrother), Teresa (her stepmother), and Michael

Michael, Chad, Leigh Anne, and John Paul

"The Gang" Front Row (from L to R): Bobby Blount, me, and Matt Cross; Back Row (from L to R) Lee Raum, Mike Funderburg, Marcella Anderson, Nathan Stewart, Amy Smith, Sean Gamino, Jason Bains, and Brad
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